Kein Halbes Leben

A / 2018 / Dokumentarfilm / 70 min


"The documentary ‘No Half Life’ deals with the intriguing yet inscrutable relationship between people and their dogs. My mother Renate, 57, says that only her dogs helped her to overcome my father’s death. What are dogs capable of that fellow people are not? I embark on a personal journey and an intimate look through and on the three dog-centred worlds of my protagonists Kerstin (24), Florian (29) and Renate – my mother. Although the three characters all may seem very different at first glance they have something major in common: They had to experience great human losses. At the same time they all find a special form of fulfilment through their relationship with their canine companion. And, finally, they all succeed together with their four-legged friends in looking to a positive future." (Sybille Bauer)

  • Regie
    Sybille Bauer
  • Buch
    Sybille Bauer
  • Kamera
    Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel
  • Schnitt
    Anna Kirst
  • Produktion
  • Colorist
    Simon Graf
  • Sound Design
    Simon Spitzer